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Starting from a scientific world view - we ask the question, what else is true
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12/2 Nymf's Science Circle Deepthinker Oh

Nymf's Science Circle - 2 DEC 2008 Presentation at Kira Cafe

Topic: "Extending the Human Life Span"

  Books Janus
  Caris Dominquez
  Deepthinker Oh - presentation facilitator
  Dontforget Woodget
  Gaya Ethaniel
  Gilles Kuhn
  HankM Aeon
  Jayne Fiertze
  KTong Wijaya
  Lnn Nishi
  Mook Maruti - Science Circle co-coordinator
  Miroirs Hax
  Mysty Waters
  Pila Mulligan
  Roxanne Savira
  Siridean Bookmite
  tau Insippo
  TR Amat
  Troy McLuhan
  Vic Michalak - Science Circle co-coordinator
  Virtualus Sharple - special guest
  Wol Euler
  Zen Zeddmore

  Aurora Kitaj
  biotechy Netizen
  Calyps0 Janus
  Gaya Ethaniel
  genesis Zhangsun - Kira Cafe officer
  jackie Avril
  Joanna Wombat
  Kimm Khandr
  Nic Lefavre
  Sheik Enyo


--------QUESTION 1: Can science increase our allotted lifespan? Is the lifespan a product of our behaviors or our DNA?
[11:43] experiments with mice
[11:43] aging at the cellular level
[11:45] extending life by transplantation
[11:45] practical solution: clean water
[11:45] antioxidants and their efficacy
[11:47] length versus quality of life
[11:50] lifespan may be genetic
[11:50] attitude may affect lifespan

--------QUESTION 2: If the lifespan can be increased, then by how much? What are the limits to extending our lifespan?
[11:52] spiritual element
[11:52] nuture versus nature
[11:53] stop death or prolong life?
[11:54] mechanism of death
[11:55] responsibility to future generations
[11:56] stress factor
[11:57] practical solution: safer cars
[11:58] genetic susceptibility to disease
[11:58] attitude affects health
[11:59] owning your own DNA and chemistry
[12:00] mind and body connection
[12:00] suicide factor
[12:01] mind and brain connection
[12:03] spiritual factor
[12:03] could we live too long?

--------QUESTION 3: Are there moral and social implications to living longer?
[12:06] quality versus quantity; health vice life extension
[12:06] population and birth control issue
[12:06] responsibility to next generations
[12:07] social security issue
[12:07] space colonization option
[12:07] extension of young or old age?
[12:07] innovation by the young issue
[12:07] "retirement" issue
[12:07] slower cultural/societal evolution
[12:09] experience versus youth factor innovation
[12:09] stagnation or new opportunities?
[12:09] noncorporeal continuity
[12:10] corporeal pleasures are part of life
[12:11] practical solution: yoga
[12:13] ----GUEST VISITOR--- Virtualus Sharple
[12:18] immortal or schizophrenic?
[12:19] avatars can change us too
[12:20] universal avatar representation
[12:23] invitation to become Virtualis
[12:23] memories and thoughts are us
[12:23] coma situation

--------QUESTION 4: If the lifespan increases, how will the resources of the planet expand to serve the ever increasing population?
[12:24] Soylent Green issue
[12:25] what makes us human
[12:27] birth rate versus wealth issue
[12:27] extending life = "playing God"?



[11:30]  Vic Michalak: Hi all... join us on the couches to start with...
[11:30]  Deepthinker Oh: Hello
[11:30]  Vic Michalak: Say hi to "Deepthinker" our speaker....
[11:30]  Deepthinker Oh: Hi Troy
[11:30]  Deepthinker Oh: Hello Books
[11:31]  Deepthinker Oh: Hiya Lnn
[11:31]  Troy McLuhan: Hi!
[11:31]  Books Janus: hi
[11:31]  Deepthinker Oh: Hello KTong
[11:31]  Zen Zeddmore: Hello deepthinker Oh
[11:31]  KTong Wijaya: Hello.
[11:31]  Vic Michalak: I have others asking for a tp....
[11:31]  Deepthinker Oh: Hello Zed
[11:31]  Lnn Nishi: So that's why your're dresed up Deep : )
[11:31]  Deepthinker Oh: Tau hello
[11:31]  No room to sit here, try another spot.
[11:31]  tau Insippo: hello Deep
[11:31]  Zen Zeddmore: :-)
[11:31]  Lnn Nishi: Hen Zen
[11:32]  Lnn Nishi: *Hey
[11:32]  Deepthinker Oh: Hi Pila
[11:32]  Zen Zeddmore: Zed is zero in some tounges
[11:32]  Miroirs Hax: hello
[11:32]  Vic Michalak: good point....
[11:32]  Troy McLuhan: Everyone in SL has a unique avatar name, which can be converted to a unique number
[11:32]  Deepthinker Oh: Hello HankM
[11:32]  Pila Mulligan: hi Deep, still trynig to find a seat :)
[11:33]  Zen Zeddmore: ha troy
[11:33]  HankM Aeon: hello deepthinker
[11:33]  Zen Zeddmore: good point
[11:33]  Deepthinker Oh: Hello Jayne
[11:33]  Jayne Fiertze: Hi All
[11:33]  Mook Maruti: Hi all
[11:33]  tau Insippo: hello
[11:33]  Lnn Nishi: Hiya Jayne
[11:33]  HankM Aeon: hello

[11:33]  Vic Michalak: Come in an have a seat.... we will be getting started soon....
[11:33]  Jayne Fiertze: Hi All
[11:34]  Vic Michalak: There is more room in hearing range near the fireplace, if you are so inclined....
[11:34]  Vic Michalak: Hi Pila...
[11:34]  Pila Mulligan: hi Vic
[11:34]  Vic Michalak: Hi Caris....
[11:34]  Zen Zeddmore: are we voice?
[11:34]  Pila Mulligan: slow connection and laggy it seems :)
[11:35]  Caris Dominquez: Hi Vic
[11:35]  Caris Dominquez: Hi everyone
[11:35]  Vic Michalak: Yes.... the crowd I think....
[11:35]  Deepthinker Oh: No, not me anyways
[11:35]  Deepthinker Oh: Hello Calypso
[11:35]  Vic Michalak: Okay, that is good because you are the speaker!
[11:36]  Vic Michalak: Speaking of which, we will be doing this in typed chat today (I believe)....
[11:36]  Deepthinker Oh: Hi Caris

[11:36]  Troy McLuhan: Please begin
[11:36]  Vic Michalak: Until we can work out the logistics of voice in a new place (for us)...

[11:37]  Vic Michalak: Okay... I would like to introduce Deepthinker Oh from Nymf's Science Circle....
[11:37]  Caris Dominquez: Hi Deep
[11:37]  Vic Michalak: Deep will facilitate a discussion on "Extending the Human Life Span"
[11:37]  Vic Michalak: If you do not have a notecard, I can give you one....
[11:38]  Vic Michalak: Thank you to genesis and Pema and Troy and others for letting us use your space here at Kira Cafe....!!
[11:38]  Vic Michalak: Without further ado, I will hand you over to Deepthinker Oh....
[11:38]  Deepthinker Oh: Yes, this is a lovely setting

[11:39]  Deepthinker Oh: Thank you all for coming today.
[11:39]  Deepthinker Oh: I'm not going to speak so much as ask you to participate in a dialog
[11:40]  Deepthinker Oh: I gave a brief summary of the points I though about raising in the notcard
[11:40]  Troy McLuhan: We will need to live longer just to get through all those points
[11:40]  Deepthinker Oh: But the real source of information is the article in American Scientist
[11:40]  KTong Wijaya: I hate to be rude, but I have to leave. Thank you so much.
[11:40]  Deepthinker Oh: The latest notecard has only 4 questions
[11:40]  Deepthinker Oh: I did some editing
[11:41]  Deepthinker Oh: Please IM Vic if you need the latest card
[11:41]  Troy McLuhan: Maybe just say one of the questions?
[11:41]  Deepthinker Oh: When I read the article it stimulated many thoughts about the question of extending the life span.

---------QUESTION ONE---------------------------------------------
[11:41]  Deepthinker Oh: So to begin, the first question:
[11:42]  Deepthinker Oh: 1. Can science increase our allotted lifespan? Is the lifespan a product of our behaviors or our DNA? How do we find out?
[11:42]  Deepthinker Oh: Thanks
[11:42]  Deepthinker Oh: The floor is open
[11:42]  Mook Maruti: Yes it can
[11:43]  Zen Zeddmore: Mighty Mice Regrow Organs http://www.wired.com/medtech/genetics/news/2005/09/68962
[11:43]  Deepthinker Oh: Can it increase the actual life span or our health allowing us to live longer
[11:43]  Zen Zeddmore: Plus ALT-711 for reduceing crosslinks
[11:44]  Mook Maruti: We are seeing more and more options coming out of research that are attacking not only the diseases of age but the cellular mechanisms and dna instructions themselves
[11:44]  Zen Zeddmore: Sharing the Health: Cells from unusual mice make others cancerfree Christen Brownlee Immune-cell transplants from an extraordinary strain of mice that resists cancer can pass this trait to mice that aren't as lucky, according to a new study.
[11:44]  Books Janus: science has already increased life span.
[11:44]  Deepthinker Oh: How do we know?
[11:45]  Miroirs Hax: science can, in the extreme by improving transplantation/generation of new biological material. i guess genetics and behaviour are about equally important, with ideal surroundings, food and bodycare (behaviour) lifespan on average would increase a lot already
[11:45]  Troy McLuhan: Yes, in developed countries, life expectancy has been on a steady rise for over a century
[11:45]  Lnn Nishi: For example, if your heart has a faulty valve, it can be relaped.
[11:45]  Books Janus: attacking disease
[11:45]  Lnn Nishi: *replaced
[11:45]  Zen Zeddmore: ttp://www.thefreelibrary.com/Sharing+the+health:+cells+from+unusual+mice+make+others+cancerfree-a0146837793
[11:45]  Deepthinker Oh: But fixing my heart only lets me longer
[11:45]  Lnn Nishi: Yes
[11:45]  Deepthinker Oh: live longer
[11:45]  Mook Maruti: In mice they developed a breed that can regenerate tissue, including heart tissue
[11:45]  TR Amat: Clean drinking water was one of the most effective extenders of lifespan.
[11:46]  HankM Aeon: reducing oxidation in the body is important also
[11:46]  Books Janus: yes, tr
[11:46]  Lnn Nishi: In that regard it is not lifespace on humans in general, but of the individual
[11:46]  Zen Zeddmore: We can use 3d printers to make organs for transpant with no Host vrs Graft problems.
[11:46]  HankM Aeon: the use of antioxidants can extend body life
[11:47]  Lnn Nishi: I guess this is really another topic, but extending life doesn't necessarily include the quality of life
[11:47]  Deepthinker Oh: Good point
[11:47]  Mook Maruti: Hank...anitoxidants are still in question as to efficacy
[11:48]  TR Amat: Recent research on telomeres looks hopeful.
[11:48]  HankM Aeon: so is everything else also
[11:48]  Zen Zeddmore: The ultimate antiOxydent Hydrogen Sulfide was used to put mice into hibernation. There subsequently poisoned with a fast acting drug. Then 2 weeks later given the antidote and brought out of hibrnation. No Problems.
[11:48]  Lnn Nishi: Cosmetics manufacturers are touting the benefits of anti-oxidants : )
[11:48]  Mook Maruti: @Lnn..I agree..if we can't also attack the problems of aging then extending lifespan looses it's appeal
[11:48]  Lnn Nishi: Makes your skin look younger
[11:49]  Troy McLuhan: You can coat iron with anti-oxidant ("Rust preventer")
[11:49]  HankM Aeon: they are finding out more and more that oxidation affects the body at the cell level
[11:49]  Books Janus: placing me in orbit around earth, going faster increases my lifespan.
[11:49]  TR Amat: If you want a younger skin you probably need to fix the cologen.
[11:49]  Vic Michalak: We were talking about length of life and quality of life in our Philosophy Forum --- we might even become immortal (more from Deep later), but if we are controlled by others or do not live a quality life, then it can hardly be called "life" the way most of us would want to live it....
[11:49]  Jayne Fiertze: Also the longer we live the longer we will have to work, many people think that it just means longer to enjoy their retirement.
[11:49]  Miroirs Hax: indeed, prospects of long lifespan's opposed to short can give individuals entirely different outlooks, from personal experience long lifespan could be negative for the experience of happyness
[11:49]  Mook Maruti: cosmetic manufacturers want to make money...not really an objective perspective
[11:50]  Deepthinker Oh: What about the notion that our DNA limits our life span.
[11:50]  TR Amat: I've no intention of retiring if my health is good enough to go on working.
[11:50]  HankM Aeon: How about thoughts affecting our life span?
[11:50]  Troy McLuhan: There was a Roald Dahl short story where they guy's brain and eye (and connecting nerves) were preserved "alive" in a vat. His wife took care of him. She blew smoke in his eye
[11:50]  HankM Aeon: Humor has been shown to prolong life
[11:50]  Vic Michalak: haha
[11:50]  Zen Zeddmore: Scrolling back, i see Deepthinker say fixing your heart will only make you live longer. Do you have something against living?
[11:50]  TR Amat: Health extension, not life extension...
[11:50]  Deepthinker Oh smiles
[11:50]  Mook Maruti: we will eventually know enough about our DNA to be able to tinker with it to extend life
[11:50]  Lnn Nishi: I heard that story in October Country, Troy!
[11:50]  Books Janus: my family lives longer than others. so my family for your future generations.
[11:51]  Books Janus: so use*
[11:51]  Vic Michalak: Zen... it depends on your definition of "life"....

---------QUESTION TWO---------------------------------------------
[11:51]  Deepthinker Oh: let's go to question 2
[11:52]  Deepthinker Oh: 2. If the lifespan can be increased, then how much? What are the limits on extending our lifespan?
[11:52]  Mook Maruti: I think we should use the strict definition when dealing with the science involved
[11:52]  HankM Aeon: are we not spirital beings having a physical experience?
[11:52]  Mook Maruti: Why should there be limits?
[11:52]  Caris Dominquez: I find the idea that our actions and experiences can effect our genes to be intriguing
[11:52]  HankM Aeon: There is a Will to live
[11:52]  Deepthinker Oh: Hmmm, yes
[11:52]  HankM Aeon: and a will to die
[11:52]  Zen Zeddmore: I so hate this deathist cult that pervades most peoples thinking. Even if you are a complete parageligic , time will come when that will change. There is NO excuse for diing
[11:52]  Miroirs Hax: lifespan could probably be increased till one's brain gives out
[11:52]  TR Amat: Telomeres and Life Extension: http://media.newscientist.com/article/mg20026833.700-enzyme-takes-us-a-step-closer-to-eternal-youth.html
[11:53]  Mook Maruti: @Caris...is there evidence of this happening?
[11:53]  Caris Dominquez: yes
[11:53]  Books Janus: doesn't this mean how do we stop death? instead of prolong life?
[11:53]  Caris Dominquez: there was a gentleman in Norway who kept records for over several generations
[11:53]  Mook Maruti: @Caris..what was his sample size?
[11:54]  Caris Dominquez: when those records were analyzed it was realized that periods of starvation and plenty effected the probabiliyt of diabetes
[11:54]  Zen Zeddmore: Death is stupid mechanical failures there is absolutely no reason anylivgng person sould be subjected to such an idiotic failure
[11:54]  HankM Aeon: we must start at the cellar level to prolong life
[11:54]  Caris Dominquez: his popluation was the that of a village, I don't know the size
[11:54]  Mook Maruti: oh yes..I did read about that..it also influenced teh probiblity of weight gain in the offspring of those born during lean times
[11:54]  Caris Dominquez: what was so interesting was that the changes in genetics of the preceeding generations effected later generations.
[11:55]  Books Janus: did the later generations live longer?
[11:55]  Mook Maruti: so what happens to our mother's body during pregnancy might be able to program our DNA
[11:55]  TR Amat: There is solid evidence that a grandmother's diet affects her granddaughter.
[11:55]  Deepthinker Oh: Population studies show that more peolpe are living longer but that few live longer than 110
[11:55]  Books Janus: affects her granddaughter how?
[11:55]  Jayne Fiertze: If we stop death then will we also stop new life (i.e. children) being born, if not then how is the earth going to cope?
[11:55]  Caris Dominquez: afffects her health and future health
[11:56]  Deepthinker Oh: there seems to be a limit to how long people live
[11:56]  TR Amat: Seems to switch on/off genes so that uses food more efficiently.
[11:56]  Books Janus: if science stops death, that determines length of life. so it would be a choice.
[11:56]  Zen Zeddmore: for thousands of years people have sought the answers from their witch doctors as to why there is death disease and deformity. We now KNOW why these things occur an still we attribute this shit to gods and their wills.
[11:56]  Caris Dominquez: there is also evidence that stress effects our dna
[11:56]  Books Janus: effects our dna how?
[11:56]  Mook Maruti: @Deep..do you think this is because modern medicine is getting us to that point but that our natural limits are keeping us from going farther?
[11:56]  Deepthinker Oh: Yes
[11:57]  Caris Dominquez: actually changes our genetic makeup
[11:57]  Caris Dominquez: we are also becoming aware of how disease effects our genes
[11:57]  TR Amat: I think the mechanism is epigenetic
[11:57]  Books Janus: doens changing genetic makeup lengthen life?
[11:57]  Mook Maruti: many things do..such as viruses
[11:57]  Caris Dominquez: it could shorten or lengthen it
[11:57]  Books Janus: safer cars lenthen life.
[11:57]  Caris Dominquez: we know that how we deal with stress can shorten our lives
[11:57]  TR Amat: Technology, like clothes, extendslife.
[11:57]  Caris Dominquez: what if we learned to deal with stress in such a way that our lives were lengthened
[11:58]  Deepthinker Oh: stress seems to reduce the immune system
[11:58]  Caris Dominquez: and the lives of our children were lengthened?
[11:58]  Mook Maruti: @Books..any genetic change gives the possiblity of advantage..including in life span
[11:58]  Zen Zeddmore: So many people confuse the complexity of life as being something that can only come from delibrate design.. But design doesn't make a complexity when a simple thing will do.
[11:58]  Miroirs Hax: genetic makeup determines your susseptability to loads of illness and health
[11:58]  HankM Aeon: our thinking also affects our bodies
[11:58]  Caris Dominquez: that would be both an improvient in the quality of life and length of lifespan
[11:58]  Books Janus: mook, are changes in genetics lengtheing life?
[11:58]  HankM Aeon: we can think ourselves sick
[11:58]  HankM Aeon: or better
[11:58]  Books Janus: so can we think ourselves longer lives?
[11:58]  Miroirs Hax: indeed
[11:58]  HankM Aeon: yes
[11:59]  Vic Michalak: certainly.... for certain diseases, HankM...
[11:59]  Caris Dominquez: will to live
[11:59]  HankM Aeon: we have to learn first
[11:59]  TR Amat: Evidence that our mind affects our immune system
[11:59]  Mook Maruti: @Books..not neccesarily..but any mutation gives the chance for a benefitial change
[11:59]  HankM Aeon: yes
[11:59]  Zen Zeddmore: Untill you can tinker with your own DNA and body form and chemistry you don't really own yourself. AND you don't have free will.
[11:59]  Books Janus: right now i have a will to live. boy do I. however my will runs up against a heart attack.
[11:59]  Troy McLuhan: Can you remind me where the mind is? I seem to have lost mine
[11:59]  HankM Aeon: death of a loved one drops the immune system way down
[11:59]  Vic Michalak: I am of the opinion that beyond a certain age that will to live becomes as important as physical aspects....
[12:00]  Books Janus: troy, you know, im not sure i know where mine is.
[12:00]  Books Janus: let alone yours ... lol
[12:00]  Mook Maruti: @Troy...check your brain
[12:00]  HankM Aeon: dont forget the mind and the body are ONE
[12:00]  Caris Dominquez: at the door?
[12:00]  Books Janus: mind*
[12:00]  Zen Zeddmore: if one loses the will to live they must be put in hiber nation or repaired to make life worth living again
[12:00]  Vic Michalak: Troy.... I have the same problem quite often (at least I think I do)....
[12:00]  Lnn Nishi: /
[12:00]  Caris Dominquez: @Zen...acccording to whose rules?
[12:00]  Miroirs Hax: repaired..?
[12:00]  Books Janus: lol
[12:00]  Zen Zeddmore: suicide is NOT an option
[12:01]  Troy McLuhan: Never mind
[12:01]  Caris Dominquez: why not?
[12:01]  Caris Dominquez: if I can will myself to live longer why can't I will myself to not live longer?
[12:01]  TR Amat: I don't know where my mind is, but as long as it continues to work reasonablt well I'm not going to complain too much. :)
[12:01]  Zen Zeddmore: according to societies rles what other rules are there?
[12:01]  HankM Aeon: it is a way out
[12:01]  HankM Aeon: only
[12:01]  Mook Maruti: since the mind is a manifestation of the physical structure of the brain it's not suprising that we find more studies finding links between thoughts and physical changes elsewhere
[12:01]  Books Janus: hank, am i in?
[12:01]  HankM Aeon: in what?
[12:02]  Deepthinker Oh: :-)
[12:02]  Zen Zeddmore: google oxytocin if you think you have free will.
[12:02]  Gilles Kuhn: Zen i think that the right to die is a fundamental freedom (wich dont mean i would not enjoy immortality)
[12:02]  Vic Michalak: Is suicide an option in SL?
[12:02]  Books Janus: well, you said killing one's self is a way out. OUt of what? Life?
[12:02]  Mook Maruti: i agree with Gilles
[12:02]  Zen Zeddmore: yeah more deathist crazies. why am i not surprised?
[12:02]  Troy McLuhan: I think one can cancel their SL account
[12:02]  Books Janus: true
[12:02]  TR Amat: If suicide is considered, then you'd better not believe in an afterlife. Or reincarnation.
[12:02]  HankM Aeon: out of the physical experience
[12:02]  Lnn Nishi: A way of physical life at least. The other remains open
[12:02]  Mook Maruti: if a person is of right mind and does not with to live any more..who are we to make them?
[12:02]  Books Janus: right, tr
[12:03]  tau Insippo: sorry my time is short today, I will go. Thank you everyone
[12:03]  Deepthinker Oh: Thank you Tau
[12:03]  HankM Aeon: we still are in spirit form unless you dont believe that
[12:03]  Vic Michalak: Yes... but does SL life extend beyond the account if it is not purged from the server database or backups?
[12:03]  tau Insippo: thank you all, have a nice day
[12:03]  TR Amat: I believe you can ask LL to delete your avatar entry...
[12:03]  Mook Maruti: @Hank..i don't
[12:03]  Zen Zeddmore: Has anyone here met someone who years ago was seriously suicidal and doesn't show any hint of it today?
[12:03]  Vic Michalak: thanks, tau....
[12:03]  Miroirs Hax: deathists? everyone is to an extent, unless you know the "meaning of life" , which there doesn't seem to be, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy life, but to do that for say..200 years, seems to get tiring at some point
[12:03]  Books Janus: there are people who have experience intense pain, gun shots, whatever and they keep living no mater what. so is science needed?
[12:03]  Mook Maruti: no proof for a mind outside of the physical brain
[12:04]  HankM Aeon: ever try hypnosis?
[12:04]  Gilles Kuhn: TR by dying i mean dying if there is eternal life or reincarnation and it is mandatory thenyour freedom is less (but more than with absolute and unavoidable death which btw is what is our situation in my opinion)
[12:04]  Books Janus: Hmm, I understand your way of thinking.
[12:04]  TR Amat: I've dealt with the seriously suicidal, and they generally make an apparent complete recovery later in life.
[12:04]  Zen Zeddmore: tell me on your 200th birthday if you want to die that day, then wait 30 years.
[12:04]  Mook Maruti: that went over my head
[12:04]  Vic Michalak: [Anyone see Bicentennial Man?]
[12:04]  HankM Aeon: the body affects the mind the mind affects the body
[12:04]  Books Janus: no
[12:04]  Lnn Nishi: I did
[12:05]  HankM Aeon: yes
[12:05]  Caris Dominquez: I have worked a good deal with the elderly and met many who were just tired.
[12:05]  Zen Zeddmore: thank you TR. THAT's what i'm talking about.
[12:05]  Caris Dominquez: Some had already lost loved ones and they were ready to go.
[12:05]  Mook Maruti: @Hank..that may be true..but it does not mean the mind is seperate from the physical body
[12:05]  Caris Dominquez: They were prepared.
[12:05]  Books Janus: science could remove my body and leave only my mind.
[12:05]  Caris Dominquez: in both mind and body

---------QUESTION THREE-------------------------------------------
[12:05]  Deepthinker Oh: let me bring us back to the topic with question 3
[12:05]  Books Janus: mind body and soul
[12:05]  Deepthinker Oh: 3. Are there moral and social implications to living longer? What problems might living longer create?
[12:05]  HankM Aeon: your mind produces the conciousness
[12:05]  HankM Aeon: not the body'
[12:05]  Books Janus: old age
[12:06]  Books Janus: i've heard old age sucks.
[12:06]  Gilles Kuhn: its evident that the "craving for death " of some elderly is due to the relative incomfort of their life physicaly and psychologically if you want to enlarge life you must care for life quality asswell
[12:06]  HankM Aeon: only if you let it
[12:06]  Caris Dominquez: an extended life in all probability means and extended old age
[12:06]  HankM Aeon: smile
[12:06]  Lnn Nishi: I resemble that remark Books
[12:06]  TR Amat: That is why I said "health extension", not "life extension".
[12:06]  Mook Maruti: I think the obvious problem would be birth control..if we live longer we will need to reduce birth rates
[12:06]  Books Janus: lol, lnn
[12:06]  Troy McLuhan: There was a Start Trek the Next Generation episode where the people could live very long lives, but it was tradition to end their life at a particular age, to make room for the new people
[12:06]  Caris Dominquez: I for one do not want to be physically elderly for a long period of time
[12:06]  Deepthinker Oh: or not
[12:07]  Books Janus: if i live to be 200, i bette have a nice comfortable social security check.
[12:07]  Zen Zeddmore: reduce birth rates or increase space colonization.
[12:07]  Caris Dominquez: can I choose what part of my life can be extended?
[12:07]  HankM Aeon: lets see what you say when you get there
[12:07]  Jayne Fiertze: Physicists do their best work by the age of about 34 yrs, therefore an older population = fewer new dicoveries - we would eventually stagnate
[12:07]  TR Amat: If you run out of energy, don't see any realistic chance of improving, and are very tired you could imagine death might look attractive.
[12:07]  Caris Dominquez: Like the middle years could be twice as long but the old age part shorter?
[12:07]  Mook Maruti: if your life can be extended with you being healthy, you can work longer
[12:07]  Troy McLuhan: The idea of "retirement" is culturally very new
[12:07]  Gilles Kuhn: another problem is the fact that our brain network dont change so quick when we are adult which mean that cultural and societal evolution would be way slower with a majority of old people even if their health is good
[12:08]  Zen Zeddmore: that is fixable to
[12:08]  HankM Aeon: quality of life counts
[12:08]  Books Janus: would i want to be 200? Im not sure. would i want to do research in extending the lives of future generations?
[12:08]  Gilles Kuhn: ^^ how zen ?
[12:08]  Zen Zeddmore: neural implants, nanotech, drugs...
[12:08]  Deepthinker Oh: maybe with DNA changes our brains would remain as flexible as when we are 30
[12:08]  Zen Zeddmore: yes
[12:09]  TR Amat: There is evidence based on studies of creativity that people need 15+ years in their field before they really start on ideas "outside the box". But, there's always exceptions.
[12:09]  Mook Maruti: I don't think stagnation would neccesarily be a problem...people could start a new career..think about the advantages of bringing the experiences of the old career to the new one
[12:09]  Books Janus: yes, deep. I'd rather do research on better minds during the first 30/40 years.
[12:09]  Lnn Nishi: Witbh this scenario, the "senior" population would be far greater than the newer generation
[12:09]  HankM Aeon: how about if we didnt need bodies any longer?
[12:09]  HankM Aeon: we could live without them
[12:09]  Zen Zeddmore: you'll need good neuroplasticity to accomodate the new body appendages like tails and wings.
[12:09]  HankM Aeon: that could be possible
[12:09]  Lnn Nishi: Would stagnation occur because their mindsets are not open to change?
[12:09]  Deepthinker Oh: it does now
[12:09]  Miroirs Hax: in that case you can't manifest in a physical world Hank
[12:09]  Gilles Kuhn: DNA change will not solve the problem brain net are epigenetic and the difficulty is they need to specialise and then to be a little ffixed i dont look forward to be an eternal teenager or worst a child
[12:10]  TR Amat: I could tolerate being 200 with my health set at 25.
[12:10]  Caris Dominquez: would life be more fragile without a body?
[12:10]  HankM Aeon: thats right
[12:10]  Deepthinker Oh: harder to form new pathways and ignor old ones
[12:10]  Mook Maruti: Hank..that would not be extending life...and is far beyond what is possible any time soon
[12:10]  Jayne Fiertze: Even the great Einstein couldn't get his head around the ideas of quantum physics
[12:10]  HankM Aeon: would life be better without a body?
[12:10]  HankM Aeon: yes
[12:10]  HankM Aeon: pure thought
[12:10]  HankM Aeon: no cars
[12:10]  Caris Dominquez: what?? no back rubs?
[12:10]  Lnn Nishi: SF ha explored that question of pure thought
[12:10]  HankM Aeon: no things
[12:10]  Gilles Kuhn: without a body you have nolife by definition hank
[12:10]  Caris Dominquez: no chocolate?
[12:10]  Caris Dominquez: no wine?
[12:10]  HankM Aeon: no distractions
[12:10]  Caris Dominquez: no holding hands?
[12:10]  HankM Aeon: hey i love choclate
[12:11]  Jayne Fiertze: What no chocolate or sex - I'd rather die young
[12:11]  Mook Maruti: @Hank..the mind resides in the brain...would you suggest a computer takes it's place?
[12:11]  Gilles Kuhn: no thought thought are = to the brain
[12:11]  Pila Mulligan: yoga and similar exercise seem to help counterbalance many physical effects of aging (muscles and movement, that is, as well as mental agility)
[12:11]  Lnn Nishi: But the physical aspects are what makes us human
[12:11]  HankM Aeon: big change huh?
[12:11]  Books Janus: i wonder if life, intellegence will be transferred to a machine.
[12:11]  Caris Dominquez: how do you experience chocolate or sex without a body?
[12:11]  TR Amat: There is some evidence that to develop an AI you may need to give it a body, to focus a sense of identity on.
[12:11]  HankM Aeon: you dont
[12:11]  Books Janus: we transfer intelligence to a machine now.
[12:11]  HankM Aeon: you wont need it
[12:11]  Gilles Kuhn: brook these TR indeed and i quite agree
[12:11]  HankM Aeon: no nutrition
[12:11]  Jayne Fiertze: 'The Matrix'
[12:11]  HankM Aeon: just thought
[12:11]  Zen Zeddmore: neural cognition is only one form of thinking. We aso store information from paper and discs. we have the tech to enable healty happy productivelives for indefinite lengths of time.
[12:11]  Mook Maruti: now you are dealing in fantasy
[12:11]  Deepthinker Oh: May I propose a pause here for a bit of a twist on our path
[12:11]  Books Janus: robots build cars.
[12:12]  Books Janus: bot built the internet
[12:12]  TR Amat: Personally, I'd want a little more than just thought. :)
[12:12]  Caris Dominquez: @ Hank....w/out chocolate or sex or the experience of either, I think I'd be done.
[12:12]  HankM Aeon: me too, i agree
[12:12]  Deepthinker Oh: Paused?
[12:12]  Mook Maruti: good idea Deep
[12:12]  Jayne Fiertze: But robots can't design cars
[12:12]  Books Janus: tr, touch is nothing but a thought.
[12:12]  Books Janus: hmmm, i wonder, jayne.
[12:12]  Miroirs Hax: "existence" might be even more flimsy then, and so would will to live
[12:12]  HankM Aeon: just trying to push our thoughts to higher levels
[12:12]  TR Amat: If you are just a program in a machine, you may be immortal, but are you now property?

---------GUEST VISITOR--------------------------------------------
[12:12]  Deepthinker Oh: I'd like to provide an example of an immortal
[12:13]  HankM Aeon: what?
[12:13]  Deepthinker Oh: May I have your attention for a moment?
[12:13]  Troy McLuhan: The proton is (probably) immortal
[12:13]  TR Amat: The hormones have some effects, as does all that bodily feedback.
[12:13]  Pila Mulligan: did you mean an immoral?
[12:13]  HankM Aeon: but does it think?
[12:13]  HankM Aeon: has it thought?
[12:13]  HankM Aeon: no
[12:13]  HankM Aeon: only we have thought
[12:13]  HankM Aeon: why?
[12:14]  HankM Aeon: chairs dont think
[12:14]  Deepthinker Oh: The folks in the Forum created a second life account to which many people have access.
[12:14]  HankM Aeon: bricks dont thind
[12:14]  HankM Aeon: think
[12:14]  Books Janus: a chair is locked with one thought, "Im a chair."
[12:14]  HankM Aeon: right
[12:14]  HankM Aeon: why?
[12:14]  Deepthinker Oh: Mook has just left and she will return in the form of Virtualus Sharple
[12:14]  TR Amat: Distinguishing the brain function of a lot of the higher mammals from humans is proving more defficult than it was expected to be.
[12:15]  HankM Aeon: is there any beauty if we dont see it?
[12:15]  Books Janus: I'm not sure, hank
[12:15]  HankM Aeon: is there noise if we dont hear it?
[12:15]  Books Janus: im not sure, hank
[12:15]  Miroirs Hax: turing test anyone?
[12:15]  Troy McLuhan: Yes. Did you think of that?
[12:15]  Deepthinker Oh: Virt is an experiement in creating an immortal, an avatar that can live a life in SL and never die
[12:15]  HankM Aeon: i think everything here is for US
[12:15]  TR Amat: We do put a lot of effort into "patching together" the words and actions of others, and trying to get consistent behaviour out of them.
[12:16]  HankM Aeon: as we think so we ARE
[12:16]  Deepthinker Oh: Virt has just arrived to my left
[12:16]  TR Amat: Unless Virt has an awful lot of associated state, a lot more than a really smart chatbot...
[12:16]  Virtualus Sharple: make that your right..hi all
[12:16]  Deepthinker Oh: on my right
[12:16]  Books Janus: hi
[12:17]  Troy McLuhan: :)
[12:17]  HankM Aeon: hello
[12:17]  Virtualus Sharple: I'm immortal
[12:17]  TR Amat: H i Virtuous Sharp ethereal cloud. :)
[12:17]  Deepthinker Oh: The idea is that a great number of people have access to Virt via her password and so long as one person is there she will be there
[12:17]  HankM Aeon: we have the ability to think about the future
[12:17]  Lnn Nishi: Define immortal, Virt
[12:17]  HankM Aeon: chairs dont think about the future
[12:18]  Gilles Kuhn: well then virt is only a phone n more.....
[12:18]  Zen Zeddmore: virt isn't immortal she's just schizophrenic.
[12:18]  TR Amat: Immortality is a lot more than an alt name.
[12:18]  Deepthinker Oh: So food for thought can a virtual being be real? Do you want your mind in a computer?
[12:18]  Books Janus: chairs have one thought. I will be a chair in the future.
[12:18]  Virtualus Sharple: as long as people use me I live..but not as one mind
[12:18]  Miroirs Hax: knowing what system thinks and at what point a system thinks isn't really possible
[12:18]  Books Janus: however, I'm not sure what i will be in the future.
[12:18]  Gilles Kuhn: chair are not thinking they are a collection of matter that WE qualify as chair for our comodity
[12:19]  HankM Aeon: you will still be you 1000 years from now
[12:19]  Zen Zeddmore: virt is just a 'rent a proxi'
[12:19]  Books Janus: gilles, I wonder if im doing the same thing as the chair.
[12:19]  HankM Aeon: we will all be us
[12:19]  TR Amat: We normally expect consistent behaviour, preserved "state", to define an individual.
[12:19]  Troy McLuhan: ...
[12:19]  Lnn Nishi: An avatar is a representation of ourselves
[12:19]  Gilles Kuhn: perhaps books but in a way more complex manner
[12:19]  Deepthinker Oh: Virt is what we make of her. What do you think are the possibilities?
[12:19]  HankM Aeon: the mind, thought is greater than the universe
[12:19]  Books Janus: however I can change my avatar. watch.
[12:19]  Lnn Nishi: Unless LL does something, it will always be there even if we don't log in
[12:19]  Gilles Kuhn: hank thats self contradictory as the mind is part of the universe
[12:20]  HankM Aeon: however you can change your mind also
[12:20]  Deepthinker Oh: Ah, but can you avatar change you?
[12:20]  Zen Zeddmore: virt is annonomous. A mode for griefers and scams. I'm not interested.
[12:20]  Lnn Nishi: What we experience as avatars can change us
[12:20]  Deepthinker Oh: that's a possibility
[12:20]  Books Janus: hmmm, i believe my avatar has changed me.
[12:20]  HankM Aeon: may the mind created the universe
[12:20]  TR Amat: I once met a man with brain damage. He could not move anything from his short term to long term memory. He wondered why his wife looked older, and who where these strange adults you claimed to be his children. He'd been like that 10+yrs...
[12:20]  Vic Michalak: Ah, but LL is only the start.... soon there will be open source SLs so your avatar will be your online persona...
[12:20]  Gilles Kuhn: virt and our avie account etc are only communication medium
[12:21]  Lnn Nishi: Yes, and we are still the mind behind our avatars
[12:21]  Deepthinker Oh: Virt could be like the Chinese Room
[12:21]  HankM Aeon: did you ever read a book about near death experiences?
[12:21]  Books Janus: I wonder if i will wear a skin tight suit, along with you wearing one ... in SL and we can feel each other via sensors in the suit.
[12:21]  Vic Michalak: The U.S. Air Force will soon have a program where all recruits are given an avatar what will represent them in meeting and training which would occur anywehre in the world....
[12:21]  HankM Aeon: true stories from doctors
[12:21]  Books Janus: censors*
[12:21]  Books Janus: no, sensors
[12:22]  Books Janus: hmm, sensors which will censor...lol
[12:22]  TR Amat: Unless you have memory, can you claim to be an individual?
[12:22]  HankM Aeon: gps in all our cars?
[12:22]  Deepthinker Oh: OK. Virt was an aside.
[12:22]  Jayne Fiertze: will the U.S. also use them to fight?
[12:22]  HankM Aeon: so the government will know where we are at all times
[12:22]  Books Janus: yes, gps which well guide me.\
[12:22]  Lnn Nishi: God question TF
[12:22]  Lnn Nishi: *TR
[12:22]  Mysty Waters: quite, TR. Identity is the continuity of our self percepts
[12:23]  Miroirs Hax: from a philosophy standpoint, YOU can tr, you can't know if another "system" is, but that's all too metaphysical
[12:23]  Caris Dominquez: TR...are you suggesting that in order to be a human one must be able to remember?
[12:23]  Books Janus: the government could probably find me right now.
[12:23]  Virtualus Sharple: I will leave you all now to talk about me :)
[12:23]  Deepthinker Oh: But if anyne wants to join in, IM me and I will send you Virt's password and rules.
[12:23]  Dontforget Woodget: or in some cases the mind behind 2 avatars.
[12:23]  TR Amat: Unless Virt has several filing cabinettes stuffed full of 'experiences' to consult...
[12:23]  HankM Aeon: to be human you must have a MIND
[12:23]  Lnn Nishi: Is it our memories and thought processes what makes us who we are?
[12:23]  Mysty Waters: in order to be who we believe ourselves to be we must remember
[12:23]  HankM Aeon: you dont need a body
[12:23]  Deepthinker Oh: Thank you for coming Virt
[12:24]  Miroirs Hax: to be classified human you don't need a mind Hank, body is enough
[12:24]  Caris Dominquez: so a person in a coma...who cannot remember or think...is not human
[12:24]  Books Janus: Have I learned anything today which will help me live longer?
[12:24]  TR Amat: I recently did a course on the philosophy of identity. Recommended. :)
[12:24]  HankM Aeon: I disagree

---------QUESTION FOUR--------------------------------------------
[12:24]  Deepthinker Oh: Let me bring us to my last question, Question 4
[12:24]  Mysty Waters: they are human, but they may not know who they are
[12:24]  Deepthinker Oh: 4. If the lifespan increases, how will the resources of the planet expand to serve the ever increasing population?
[12:24]  TR Amat: Think carefully about the risks you are prepared to take so as to extend your life?
[12:25]  Lnn Nishi: Soylent Green?
[12:25]  HankM Aeon: when your mind is gone they call you a vegetable
[12:25]  Gilles Kuhn: gosh human is a biological def or a juridic one
[12:25]  Books Janus: answer: science will help the resources.
[12:25]  Miroirs Hax: if lifespan increases by a dramatic ammount, likely so will our other science and wild scenarios become possible
[12:25]  Caris Dominquez: what makes us human?
[12:25]  Gilles Kuhn: our birth
[12:25]  HankM Aeon: one scientist said the more i study science the closer I come to God
[12:25]  Siridean Bookmite: Our curioisty.
[12:25]  TR Amat: We are inclined to give people the benefit of the doubt as to whether they are "human". It is one thing that being a comparatively rich society allows us.
[12:25]  Caris Dominquez: to be born, to be ask questions, to study and learn, to die
[12:26]  Miroirs Hax: other planets, spacestations, energy and resources would stop being problematic
[12:26]  Books Janus: or morally, someone will decide i'm not needed anymore...or I may be the decider.
[12:26]  Zen Zeddmore: the more science you study the closer you come to being god.
[12:26]  Gilles Kuhn: we can pass the die part at my opinion.....
[12:26]  Books Janus: Can I go now?
[12:26]  Caris Dominquez: the more you know about yourself, the more you know God
[12:26]  Gilles Kuhn: being god god forbid ! ;-)
[12:26]  TR Amat: Rich people may tend to live longer, but they are much less likely to have children.
[12:26]  Miroirs Hax: i would rather be Q
[12:26]  Lnn Nishi: My cat thinks I'm god, or at least a benevolent dictaror : )
[12:27]  HankM Aeon: they can afford to freeze themselves
[12:27]  Caris Dominquez: god is dog spelled backward
[12:27]  TR Amat: Therefore, to live longer and drop the birth rate make evryone rich. :)
[12:27]  Siridean Bookmite: I don't mean to overstep my bounds, but isn't it a FAR stretch to say that extending one's life span will make you a god?

[12:27]  Deepthinker Oh: Folks, we bagan a little late but I do not want to keep you longer than an hour. So, we will wrap this up in 5 minutes...
[12:27]  HankM Aeon: and be brought back in 500 years
[12:27]  Gilles Kuhn: that you want to think you cat think of you perhaps he see you as the host his parasital life is based on for now......
[12:27]  Books Janus: ratava is avatar spelled backwards.
[12:27]  Books Janus: from now on I'm a ratava.
[12:27]  Books Janus: ...and I have to go.
[12:27]  HankM Aeon: thats good
[12:27]  Jayne Fiertze: I don't want to live in a world with no children
[12:27]  Books Janus: thanks for the discussion.
[12:28]  HankM Aeon: ok same here thanks
[12:28]  Siridean Bookmite: I'm all full of tardiness today.
[12:28]  Gilles Kuhn: well deepthinker i presume everybody is free to stay and continue
[12:28]  TR Amat: Personally I recommend space travel, as a source of off-Earth resources.
[12:28]  Miroirs Hax: nice to meet you all
[12:28]  Deepthinker Oh: Yes, no limits
[12:28]  Caris Dominquez: will there be any adults present or shall we all extend our childhoods?
[12:28]  Siridean Bookmite: The Universe does has it's limits.
[12:28]  Deepthinker Oh: But I wanted a stopping point for those with other destinations today
[12:28]  Siridean Bookmite: ...We just can't see them :P
[12:28]  Lnn Nishi: Thank you Deep!
[12:28]  HankM Aeon: if you find a worm hole you can stay young
[12:29]  Gilles Kuhn: if it would be true deepthinker no limits ... immortality ahhhhh but alas poor Yorick !
[12:29]  Mysty Waters: the grave is worm hole
[12:29]  TR Amat: Even if evryone lives to 200 there will still be children.
[12:29]  Caris Dominquez: when it rains the worms come up

[12:29]  Vic Michalak: Before we wrap it up, I want to thank everyone for coming and supporting our group....... Also we usually have some "round-the-group" type of rules to discussions that I will disseminate before the next meeting..... Today it was more a free-for-alll..... but we got all the questions covered.....
[12:29]  Miroirs Hax: adult is probably defined by having a grown up mind to the point where it's able to make decisions for itself and carry responsibility
[12:29]  HankM Aeon: everyone on earth would be 300 years old and you would be 20minutes older
[12:29]  Vic Michalak: You are of course free to stay and chat (if Kira Cafe does not mind....)....
[12:29]  Mysty Waters: the grave is worm hole
[12:29]  HankM Aeon: just like flordia
[12:30]  Siridean Bookmite: Florida our future if we lived longer?
[12:30]  Siridean Bookmite: That's a scary thought.
[12:30]  Deepthinker Oh: I do thatbk each of you for coming and participating. It was an exciting comversation!
[12:30]  Caris Dominquez: as we sink into the ocean
[12:30]  Mook Maruti: I don't think the cafe itself would mind Vic :)
[12:30]  TR Amat: More cafe owners don't mind as long as you keep buying stuff. :)
[12:30]  Dontforget Woodget: with global warming aOhio is the next florida
[12:30]  HankM Aeon: yes it was nice
[12:30]  Caris Dominquez: it was certainly interesting
[12:31]  Miroirs Hax: i want to see saturn rise in the morning
[12:31]  Siridean Bookmite: I liked for what I came.
[12:31]  Siridean Bookmite: for.
[12:31]  Siridean Bookmite: when.
[12:31]  Siridean Bookmite: Gah..
[12:31]  HankM Aeon: i enjoyed it
[12:31]  Mook Maruti: lol
[12:31]  TR Amat: Interesting.
[12:31]  Vic Michalak: Speaking of that, there is a Happy Hour here at about 2:00SLT I think....
[12:31]  HankM Aeon: you all made me think

[12:31]  TR Amat: Will a Chat Log be posted anywhere?
[12:31]  Vic Michalak: In different languages on differnt days...
[12:31]  Dontforget Woodget: I want to see the solar system rise from another solar system.
[12:31]  Mook Maruti: I thought I smelled something burning hank :)
[12:31]  Deepthinker Oh: Good question? Vic?
[12:31]  Siridean Bookmite: Superb!
[12:32]  HankM Aeon: please take plenty of antioxidants from now on
[12:32]  Siridean Bookmite: ...The next one will be next month, right?
[12:32]  HankM Aeon: smile
[12:32]  Vic Michalak: YES>>>>> I have made a transriopt of this and the URLs..... I will arrange to post this and as a notecard....
[12:32]  Deepthinker Oh: Thank you Vic
[12:32]  Caris Dominquez: thanks, Vic

[12:32]  Vic Michalak: Yes... the next meeting is the first TUESDAY in JAN..... I think.....
[12:32]  Lnn Nishi: Thanks Vic
[12:32]  Miroirs Hax: by then, we will grow hamburger shaped carrots
[12:32]  Mook Maruti: thanks vic
[12:32]  HankM Aeon: thanks Vic
[12:32]  Gilles Kuhn: i am taking now red bordeau supérieur does that count ?
[12:32]  Vic Michalak: Sure.... and please thank our speaker!!
[12:32]  HankM Aeon: a little
[12:32]  Caris Dominquez: take more
[12:32]  Deepthinker Oh: Wine makes us live at least better if not longer
[12:32]  TR Amat: Self-basting turkeys... The hard way. :)
[12:33]  Dontforget Woodget: not enough respridol in red wine to matter.
[12:33]  Caris Dominquez: drink more
[12:33]  Deepthinker Oh: hear hear
[12:33]  Siridean Bookmite: Amen to that.
[12:33]  HankM Aeon: we might not live longer from wine but you really dont care if you drink it
[12:33]  Mook Maruti: pfff...I don't drink the wine for the resvertrol
[12:33]  Vic Michalak: Here's to red wine!
[12:33]  TR Amat: I wa never to fond of wine, I more tolerate than like it...
[12:33]  Gilles Kuhn: yes i have still a liter to go from my magnum for tonight
[12:33]  HankM Aeon: for the effect?
[12:33]  Caris Dominquez: everything but liver is ready to live on...
[12:33]  Lnn Nishi: Deepthinker you and everyone certainly gave me food for thought. Thank you!
[12:33]  Caris Dominquez: Thanks, Deep
[12:33]  Mook Maruti: my wine rack is fulll ..so I am happy
[12:33]  Caris Dominquez: You are vvery brave
[12:34]  Deepthinker Oh: You are welcome
[12:34]  TR Amat: Livers (slowly) regenerate. :)
[12:34]  HankM Aeon: you cant live without a liver
[12:34]  HankM Aeon: didnt they tell you?
[12:34]  Caris Dominquez: I can live with a little bit of one
[12:34]  Siridean Bookmite: It's in the instructions tot he human body, you know.
[12:34]  Dontforget Woodget: of course livers regenerate it's the dead ones that can't
[12:34]  HankM Aeon: it can re generate itself
[12:34]  Siridean Bookmite: Unless you threw that out.
[12:34]  HankM Aeon: what?
[12:35]  Siridean Bookmite: Trying to make a joke, and failing. Ignore me.
[12:35]  TR Amat: It's your kidneys you have to be really careful with...
[12:35]  Caris Dominquez: if my liver has denerated does that make me a degenerate?
[12:35]  Gilles Kuhn: i have alway wanted my organs to be used in case of death but i dont think i would recommend my liver well its true he seems very resistant....;-)
[12:35]  Miroirs Hax: i think someone's liver just tried to get on voice
[12:35]  Mook Maruti: I enjoyed our discussion but I have customers to attend to..bye all :)
[12:35]  HankM Aeon: see If we didnt have bodies we wouldnt have to worry about organ abuse
[12:35]  Lnn Nishi: Bye Mook
[12:35]  Caris Dominquez: Bye Mook
[12:36]  Deepthinker Oh: Bye MOOk. Thanks for being Virt too
[12:36]  TR Amat: We would just have subroutine abuse? :)
[12:36]  Gilles Kuhn: yes hank indeed we would not worry about anything.....
[12:36]  Zen Zeddmore: like i said if we push the 3dprnting of organs then no one would even need to wait for a transplant.
[12:36]  Gilles Kuhn: would be indeed nice zen....
[12:36]  HankM Aeon: but what kind of ink do you use for the organs?
[12:36]  Deepthinker Oh: I want my DNA modified so i have two livers, one as a spare
[12:36]  TR Amat: 3-D printing of a brain would be interesting...
[12:36]  Miroirs Hax: the dangers of bodyless-existence were explained nicely in that southpark episode about world of warcraft
[12:36]  Wol Euler: by the way, may I introduce? Gaya, this is a new friend, Roxanne. Roxanne, meet Gaya, another memboer of Play as Being.
[12:36]  Zen Zeddmore: stem cells
[12:36]  Wol Euler: and also a friend
[12:36]  Caris Dominquez: I like that idea Deep
[12:36]  Roxanne Savira: Hello Gaya.
[12:37]  Deepthinker Oh: :-)
[12:37]  HankM Aeon: I would like to be free floating thought
[12:37]  Gaya Ethaniel: Pleasure to meet you Roxanne ^^
[12:37]  Siridean Bookmite: We all want spare parts, don't we?
[12:37]  HankM Aeon: no admission fees
[12:37]  Caris Dominquez: zap!! the free floating thought hits the bug zapper.
[12:37]  Wol Euler: cheers
[12:37]  Siridean Bookmite: What a chatty liver.
[12:37]  Gaya Ethaniel: ^^
[12:37]  TR Amat: Brain transplant volunteers...
[12:38]  Caris Dominquez: Gray Matters
[12:38]  Lnn Nishi: I want spare parts and my brain contents flashed on a drive for backups
[12:38]  HankM Aeon: watch out for the Brain Drain
[12:38]  Caris Dominquez: Soliciting for articles...science articles, please
[12:38]  Gaya Ethaniel frowns... have I seen Roxanne at PaB?
[12:39]  Siridean Bookmite: While that's good, what about your current conciosness.
[12:39]  Siridean Bookmite: ....IF I spelled that right.
[12:39]  TR Amat recommends reading "New Scientist".
[12:39]  Roxanne Savira shakes her head. I haven't been Gaya.
[12:39]  Lnn Nishi: It would need weekly, if not daily backups
[12:39]  TR Amat: Consciousness should not be undervalued. :)
[12:39]  Siridean Bookmite: Indeed.
[12:39]  Wol Euler: perhaps you will ... :)
[12:39]  Deepthinker Oh: Unconsciousness has its points too
[12:39]  HankM Aeon: yes it is good for a lot of things
[12:39]  Gaya Ethaniel: ah... ^^
[12:40]  Siridean Bookmite: But if you make a copy of yourself, it won't exactly be you. Just a copy, you know?
[12:40]  Mysty Waters: if consciousness is so hot, then why is wine so good?
[12:40]  Roxanne Savira: Indeed. Learning quite a bit today.
[12:40]  Deepthinker Oh: right
[12:40]  Miroirs Hax: your copy will claim it's the real you, and batman won't know who to kill
[12:40]  Lnn Nishi: Yes, isn't that in the "system" area we usually don't access?
[12:40]  TR Amat would want to run on something more reliable than a Microsoft Operating System. :)
[12:40]  Lnn Nishi: Yeah, no Windows!
[12:40]  Siridean Bookmite: Hahaha.
[12:40]  Deepthinker Oh: Since we constantly change a copy does us no good
[12:40]  Caris Dominquez: see you all later
[12:40]  Lnn Nishi: Bye Caris
[12:40]  Vic Michalak: bye Caris....
[12:41]  Deepthinker Oh: Bye Caris
[12:41]  TR Amat: Batman can tell. :)
[12:41]  TR Amat: Bye Caris
[12:41]  Siridean Bookmite: Think I'll be going soon too. And I'll try to be on time next time.
[12:41]  Siridean Bookmite: ...And he sure can. Anyone can.
[12:41]  Vic Michalak: THANK YOU Deepthinker.... I must run too.... teaching a class....
[12:41]  Lnn Nishi: Later Siridean
[12:41]  Siridean Bookmite: Only the real you is aware that you made a copy.
[12:41]  Deepthinker Oh: Thank you for coming Siridean

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