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2009.02.04 Art and the Sacred: Adams Dubrovna

What is the Use of Virtual Architecture?

Adams Dubrovna

1200 SLT Wed 4 Feb 2009 in Kira Cafe


Adams Dubrovna, as the RL avatar, Donald Beetham, has been an image librarian at Rutgers University for more than 30 years, managing a collection of almost a half million images in various media. Before that he studied architectural history at the University of Pennsylvania, developing an interest in the progression of architectural styles in Anatolia from Byzantine to Seljuk to Ottoman. While trying to understand the development of new spaces, it became painfully obvious that there was a lack of intimate knowledge about how these different buildings actually were used. Put into the larger perspective of architectural history in general, sacred buildings seem to provide the greatest cross-cultural challenges in that regard.


Adams Dubrovna will be discussing an exhibition called "Art and the Sacred in the Virtual World" which he has put together with students at the Department of Art History at Rutgers and members of the Art History group in Second Life.


"On one hand the exhibition will be a virtual catalog of many of these monuments, offering one convenient entry point. The exhibition will compare the second life constructions with the real life counterparts. But what happens when many of the real life barriers of exhibiting architecture are removed? So far real life architectural exhibitions have been limited to photos, plans, drawings, models and maybe architectural components. What if one could teleport to the actual building as part of the exhibit, and then return, and then to another building, and so on? How does this add to our experience? Can we begin to think about comparative spaces? How do the spaces relate to real life counterparts? How does space relate to the functioning of the building in the virtual world? Can a virtual construction help us understand anything about real life buildings? "





Adams Dubrovna

Alfred Kelberry

Archis Writer

Aurora Kitaj

Berragon Betts

Bleu Oleander

Blogland Oh

Chimera Cosmos

Cid Ducatillon

Clare Carrasco

Corvuscorva Nightfire

Edwound Wisent

genesis Zhangsun

Gilles Kuhn

Jeremiah Nacht

JudyArx Scribe

moniq Salamander

Myna Maven

Papagena Pevensey

Peter Ivanovic

Samuel Okelly

Scathach Rhiadr

Solobill Laville

TH Ordinary

Twotwo Laval

Vendy Walpole

Vic Michalak

Wol Euler

Yichard Muni

Zen Arado

Zinc Vyper






Vic Michalak: Come on in and get comfortable -- anywhere in the circle or near the fireplace is good -- welcome to Kira Cafe!

genesis Zhangsun: Hey Zinc!

Adams Dubrovna: Hello TH, Bleau and Zinc :)

Bleu Oleander: hi all

Zinc Vyper: Hello

Solobill Laville: Hi, Scath :)

Scathach Rhiadra: Hi Solo, Gen:)

Adams Dubrovna: HiScath :)

Zen Arado: hi everyone

Zen's translator: salut tout le monde

Wol Euler: hello gen, solo, adams, everyone else

Zen Arado: Scath

Scathach Rhiadra: Hi Adams

Adams Dubrovna: Hello Zen, Wol :)

Bleu Oleander: hi adams

Scathach Rhiadra: Zen:)

TH Ordinary: hi

Solobill Laville: Hello, Wol, all :)

Scathach Rhiadra: Hi Wol:)

Wol Euler: hello scath


Wol Euler: adams, will this be in voice or chat?

Adams Dubrovna: It will be text...I have no voice :)

Vic Michalak: Wow! We have quite a group here.... Adams I believe said typed chat...

Wol Euler: good :)

Adams Dubrovna: Hello Beragon, Papagena :)






genesis Zhangsun: Hello everyone and welcome to the Kira Cafe!

Vic Michalak: Come grab a seat... We will be starting shortly...


 Adams Dubrovna: Hello Corvi :)

 Beragon Betts: hello

 Wol Euler: hi corvi


genesis Zhangsun: For more infomation on Kira and the exhibit which Adams will be announcing please visit the Kira website at http://kira.org/

genesis Zhangsun: This session will be recorded for our website so if you participate please know that you will become part of a recorded transcript


 Wol Euler chuckles at Solo and thinks about ESP

 Edwound Wisent: (undrstood

 Scathach Rhiadra: Hi Corvi

 Solobill Laville nods


genesis Zhangsun: The exhibit on which Adams will be speaking will be held at the Hall of Appearances in Rieul with teleport points from here for those who don't have the SLURL

genesis Zhangsun: the event will be this Friday 2/6 at 12pm SLT :)


 Corvuscorva Nightfire: wow thre's alot of us here.


genesis Zhangsun: Adams would you like to take it away :)


Adams Dubrovna: OK :)


 Wol Euler: and more straggling in all the time


Adams Dubrovna: I am grateful for the opportunity to organize the exhibition, "Sacred Art in a Virtual world".


 Yichard Muni: Vendui everybody


Adams Dubrovna: Thank you for the opportunity to be here with you today.


 Alfred Kelberry: hey guys :)


Adams Dubrovna: There are just a few images, not necessary to understanding this talk, posted at http://sacredartexhibition.wordpress.com/images/ which I will get to later


 Yichard Muni: I hope that I don't sit on somebody's lap... but somebody is sitting on mine

 Alfred Kelberry winks to gen

 Scathach Rhiadra: Hey Al


Adams Dubrovna: When we began to think about this exhibition...


 Clare Carrasco: I work with Adams

 Alfred Kelberry: lot's of people today

 Archis Writer: Sorry Yichard

 Alfred Kelberry: hey, blog

 Edwound Wisent: so text or am I going to hhave to:shudders: turn up my audio volumes to hear imporant facets?

 Yichard Muni: :-=)


Adams Dubrovna: we asked ourselves a version of the question


 Blogland Oh: hey boss

 Blogland Oh: :)

 Alfred Kelberry takes his seat while it's still vacant

 genesis Zhangsun: text Edwound :) and we are started everyone so hush ;)

 Edwound Wisent: got it :hushes:


Adams Dubrovna: "What is the use of virtual architecture?"

Adams Dubrovna: (the title of today's talk)

Adams Dubrovna: It was asked at first within a narrow institutional focus...

Adams Dubrovna: Can this virtual medium help illustrate the teaching of the History of Art?


 Alfred Kelberry: blog, i'm just a modest wikineer :)

 Blogland Oh: :)


Adams Dubrovna: Soon our area of interest expanded to "what is left of architecture if there is no need to provide shelter from the elements?"


 Yichard Muni: many things


Adams Dubrovna: We began with three important RL sites that had SL equivalents:

Adams Dubrovna: the Sistine Chapel,

Adams Dubrovna: St. Francis in Assisi

Adams Dubrovna: nd St. Catherine's Monastery at Mt. Sinai


 Alfred Kelberry: they're all present in sl?


Adams Dubrovna: (Note: St. Catherine's is in danger of disappearing from SL)


 Blogland Oh: got pictures?

 Wol Euler: O.O


Adams Dubrovna: yes, all are in both RL and SL no pictures today


 Edwound Wisent: what? linden raised the rates on spiritual simm locations?

 Blogland Oh: ok :)

 Beragon Betts raises hand with question.

 Yichard Muni: Why? Mt Sinai is an open land?


Adams Dubrovna: In SL, the Sistine Chapel feels almost like an art museum,


 Alfred Kelberry: adams, slurls maybe?

 Beragon Betts: QUESTION: will this lecture have any media or audio?


Adams Dubrovna: St. Catheriine's has a strong spitritual quality,


 Edwound Wisent: alfred: good hint hint..

 Solobill Laville: http://sacredartexhibition.wordpress.com/images/


Adams Dubrovna: and St. Francis something in between...retaining a bit of each.


 Alfred Kelberry: ed :P

 Beragon Betts: thank you


Adams Dubrovna: It was here the librarian in me got the best of the Art Historian in me

Adams Dubrovna: and it I had a grand vision of a catalog of all the sacred sites that had some art historical relevance,

Adams Dubrovna: with virtual travel guides (notecards) to each SL site.

Adams Dubrovna: In these last few days before the opening I am regretting that decision :)

Adams Dubrovna: We'll see how that works.

Adams Dubrovna: (Note: except for Shinto, eastern tradition sites generally are not modelled after RL sites)


 Edwound Wisent: sigh. may I ask why the regret?


Adams Dubrovna: Edwound...too many details at the last minute


 Edwound Wisent: ah.. I see. not real enough.


Adams Dubrovna: Where we had RL models, We examined each RL building with three criteria:

Adams Dubrovna: historical significance

Adams Dubrovna: quality of the art (art historical significance)

Adams Dubrovna: piritual sigificance (what happens/has happened here?)


 Edwound Wisent: spiritual. got it


Adams Dubrovna: We then turned to the SL creation and asked "How well did they translate these aspects into SL?"

Adams Dubrovna: Here we began to see what is left when there is no need for architecture to provide shelter.

Adams Dubrovna: 1. Architecture is symbol.


 Edwound Wisent: devil in the detailing

 Yichard Muni: Is The Koln cathedral still on line? It was prettity modeled


Adams Dubrovna: In recreating these magnificent RL structures, the SL creators are tapping into the historical, artisic and spiritual legacy,

Adams Dubrovna: creating connections in our minds.


 Edwound Wisent: ..along with .. what? slaved labors of love?


Adams Dubrovna: 2. Architecture is a stage for events.

Adams Dubrovna: In the case of the sacred building, this means spiritual activity.


 Blogland Oh: Architecture is a stage for events? Could you elaborate that further?


Adams Dubrovna: The symbolic function enriches the spiritual relevance of the site.


 Edwound Wisent: exactly. nt just an empty building or site. ok.. NOW I"ll quit interupting.


Adams Dubrovna: Blogland, architecture gives us a place to play out certain activities..in that sense a stage

Adams Dubrovna: There is a bit of a paradox since the RL buildings are built for large group activity and in SL or avatars tend to be alone in these creations.


 Alfred Kelberry: blog, this cafe for example :)


Adams Dubrovna: the holiness of the RL site.

Adams Dubrovna: whoops. forget last line

Adams Dubrovna: Places like St. Catherine's provide small intimate spaces in which we can tap into the holiness of the RL site.

Adams Dubrovna: 3. Architecture creates space.

Adams Dubrovna: Even in the virtual world!


 Edwound Wisent: heeh. multicultural holi lansites gets dodgy.. holy to which culture(s)and ..can we.. share?


Adams Dubrovna: For me the breakthorugh to understanding the spatial issue came

Adams Dubrovna: Edwound, I hope our exhibit will help answer that question

Adams Dubrovna: we can look at various traditions with an open mind


 Edwound Wisent: ..twas the only reason I piped in. thankl you.


Adams Dubrovna: when I revisited the RL chapel at Rutgers after experiening it in SL (see pictures at http://sacredartexhibition.wordpress.com/images/)


 Blogland Oh: not too open, you might hurt yourself.

 Blogland Oh: :)


Adams Dubrovna: Spatially the chapel is just a rectangular cube-like space with nice trussing on the ceiling

Adams Dubrovna: and some really good stained glass windows.

Adams Dubrovna: Normally our experience with a building like this is limited

Adams Dubrovna: We come in the door, walk to our seat and stay there for the duration of the concert, lecture, etc.---a very limited perspective

Adams Dubrovna: In SL we use our cameras to see the space from a multitude of persepctives.


 Edwound Wisent: ..smells? humidity? what the floor feel like to the bare feet?


Adams Dubrovna: On this post-SL visit to the RL chapel, I suddenly felt the volume of the space

Adams Dubrovna: The ceiling seemed higher...the building larger...


 Edwound Wisent: FELT. ok.


Adams Dubrovna: and I could picture the space from multiple viewpoints.

Adams Dubrovna: I also became much more sensitive to the light filtering through the colored glass


 Edwound Wisent: and hear the sounds bounce?

 Yichard Muni: edwound, you should visit the pagan temple in madrigal :-)

 Archis Writer: but is it meant to be seen from mulitple viewpoints especially if a place is sacred


Adams Dubrovna: and how the light changed and enriched our experience with the space.

Adams Dubrovna: Experiencing virtual buildings then is a bit like walking into an architectural model...

Adams Dubrovna: a new tool for understanding architectural space.


 Edwound Wisent: Yichard. ah but if I had no wife and child to care for. you are very correct.


Adams Dubrovna: a new tool for understanding architectural space.

Adams Dubrovna: I can stop her if you like for questions..there seem to be some


 Yichard Muni: please finish, if you still have things to say

 Edwound Wisent: actually, your banter is what CREATES.. the questions.


Adams Dubrovna: :)

Adams Dubrovna: Another personal experience


 Edwound Wisent: .. I wish to see a wailing wall in SL.


Adams Dubrovna: the Sultan Ahmet mosque in SL disappopinted me when I first saw it.


 Edwound Wisent: a FUNCTIONING one

 Vic Michalak: Not a question but an observation: there are several examples of architecture in SL with magnificent lighting effects (rays of light, etc) such as a Catholic church and a mosque I saw....

 Edwound Wisent: where ppl are allowed to greive


Adams Dubrovna: there is one in the exhibit Edwound

Adams Dubrovna: Rather than being this grand monumental space, it was like one of the many mod sized Ottoman mosques.


 Edwound Wisent: ok. then I'm DEFFINATLY.. in and will stop.. baiting

 Yichard Muni: Edwound, in the madrigal temple, you can feel the moist, old decayed walls, cold but warm hearted stone and brick :-)


Adams Dubrovna: A huge chandelier blocks blocks a clear view of the space.

Adams Dubrovna: It is only when one uses the prayer pose balls that one begins to forget about the flaws

Adams Dubrovna: I knew I was missing something

Adams Dubrovna: One of the grad students at work pointed out how when one touched ones forehead to the carper one saw the pattern

Adams Dubrovna: which s repeated in the done when one looks up and how this reinforces the unity of heaven and earth.


 Alfred Kelberry waves to gilles

 Vic Michalak: To address Edwound's wish to see the Wailing Wall, there WAS a Second Temple in SL that took up most of the sim (The Holy City) but the rabbi in Belgium said he had to sell the land - pity...

 Edwound Wisent: hey, Gilles.. want my seat? I can stand over near the potted plants if it helps..

 Gilles Kuhn: (hello all dont want to disturb)






Adams Dubrovna: It is OK I kept this short to leave time for discussion


 Yichard Muni: (there too was a replica of the temple in VRML. was feeling good and impressive)

 Vic Michalak: I am anxious to see your exhibit, Adams!

 Wol Euler: yes, me too, and to visit all these places you found in SL


Adams Dubrovna: Thanks Vic :)

Adams Dubrovna: and Wol


 Edwound Wisent: .. I am aware of some red rock mesa build as well. old american indian sacred land.

 Beragon Betts: thank you

 Archis Writer: Thank you Adams

 Aurora Kitaj: Hello Alfred, nice to see you

 Aurora Kitaj: Hi Glogland

 Edwound Wisent: so who knows. maybe we can play TeePee (TP/teleport) lm secrets.

 Aurora Kitaj: Corvi ;)

 Vic Michalak: Adams is an authority, but I am certain he would welcome anyone's input on other sites they enjoyed that are not featured in his exhibit or website... yes?

 Aurora Kitaj: Full house

 Peter Ivanovic: Excuse me But is here going to be a talk or event here?


Adams Dubrovna: Yes, there is a mailbox for comments and I look forward to hearing from people


 Edwound Wisent: ok. we all have different places to become one with whatever we feel missing in outer life.

 Wol Euler: it started at noon, peter

 Alfred Kelberry: oh, hey, aurora! :)

 Vic Michalak: Peter.... we are in the middle of a talk about virtual architecture in SL...

 Peter Ivanovic: sl time?

 Edwound Wisent: Peter.. I am storing the full text discussion on my computer.

 Peter Ivanovic: is it possible to join or listen

 Yichard Muni: Adams, are you interested in buildings which have a spiritual significance but are NOT replicas of RL buildings? we have lot of them :-)

 Vic Michalak: Please join us Peter...

 Edwound Wisent: you are here, correct?

 Peter Ivanovic: thanks smiles


Adams Dubrovna: Yichard, yes we have done a sample of them


 Edwound Wisent: then.. eWE are welcomed.


Adams Dubrovna: mostly of eastern traditions since we have so many examples of RL buildings for the wetsern


 Peter Ivanovic: ok thanks

 Blogland Oh: a lot of spiritual buildings hold a Mandelbrot fractal geometry similarity have you ever thought of making an original shape based on a similar fractal look?


Adams Dubrovna: :)

Adams Dubrovna: no can;t say I have


 Vic Michalak: Adams, have you seen any good underwater architecture?

 Yichard Muni: mermaid architecture :-)


Adams Dubrovna: I have seen some; there is none in the exhibit


 Edwound Wisent: was that a hint, ?

 Archis Writer: Adams, do you know of any sermons that were actually done in a SL religious place?

 Edwound Wisent: hee. I know full well of some intricate underwater plant builds

 Chimera Cosmos: there are quite a few christian groups in SL --seen them in search

 Yichard Muni: there are some ceremonies and teachings in several places I know

 Chimera Cosmos: with church buildings

 Vic Michalak: Archis... There are many active churches and other religious institutions in SL


Adams Dubrovna: Archis, I know there are some but I have not experienced any


 Archis Writer: because as I was researching houses


Adams Dubrovna: Especially with Christian groups, there are a good many active sites


 Wol Euler: Köln Cathedral held masses at 10am SLT, not sure that they still do.


Adams Dubrovna: they tend to use informal architectural setting though


 Archis Writer: you see themes occuring in house

 Edwound Wisent: you may have to ..loosen that tight shirt avatar.. to be welcome.

 Vic Michalak: I know there are active mosques and synagogues....

 Archis Writer: to emphasize the feeling of a house.


Adams Dubrovna: yes Vic


 Solobill Laville knows of SL UU and Buddhist teaching


Adams Dubrovna: or open like the play-as-being pavilion


 JudyArx Scribe: archis is it domestic or house you are looking at?

 Archis Writer: hearing you talk I wawell that is a good question

 Vic Michalak: Archis... we built a 2-story house for an architecture class from their blueprints and there is an Architect group in SL with several outstanding examples of houses...

 Archis Writer: well actually I am looking at what avatars use themselves and what they ad to their house

 Archis Writer: ofcourse architects can build outstanding houses


Adams Dubrovna: another interesting subject Aerchis


 Archis Writer: but I am interested in the pride and joy of people here


Adams Dubrovna: :)


 Edwound Wisent: .. you speak of personalised sacred objects do you not, Archis?

 Vic Michalak: Hmmmm... many types of communities with unique houses.... from tinies to tree houses etc...

 Edwound Wisent: exactly.

 Archis Writer: so in that prospect (but I have never researched it) I was wondering how religious gropes use the space here

 JudyArx Scribe: so private public interface or...interfaith?

 Yichard Muni: each community have houses fitting its style

 Archis Writer: yes Edwound

 Archis Writer: you catch my drift

 Edwound Wisent: and you think these are not reliously significant amongst certain digital cultures?

 Yichard Muni: the best Archis is to visit those groups

 Jeremiah Nacht: namaste

 Edwound Wisent: Yich.. just do not aproach as a tourist..

 Edwound Wisent: you may have to suspend your own beliefs and become one .. to be welcomed..

 Edwound Wisent: even on short stints.

 Yichard Muni: not as a tourist. Just come to a teaching and speak to people. In buddhist communities at least you will be welcome

 JudyArx Scribe: Adam i only just got the note sorry i am late but later this year i am bringing 115 first year arch students


Adams Dubrovna: Maybe not suspend your beliefs but to be open to theirs


 JudyArx Scribe: there excerise will be to give a presence to 200 or so arch journals in sl


Adams Dubrovna: wow JudyArx


 Archis Writer: yes how do they deal with rituals

 Edwound Wisent: : shrugs:.. my wordage may be too strong..

 Yichard Muni: yes. Really spiritual people have their path and concepts, but they understand that others have theirs

 Archis Writer: within the architectural bbounderies

 JudyArx Scribe: Adam do you have pearls of wisdom for such recklessness

 Edwound Wisent: I mean , much like in global culture.. when travelling..

 Edwound Wisent: make sure you have a village..guide

 Edwound Wisent: am I making this complex structure clear?


Adams Dubrovna: Not sure what to say Judy :)


 JudyArx Scribe: yes to the question qill you help :))


Adams Dubrovna: Yes Edwound


 Vic Michalak: Adams, SL is a unique space in which the laws of physics or engineering do not have to apply -- have you seen some fantastical architecture of the sacred that can only exist in SL?


Adams Dubrovna: Judy, we can talk alter


 Yichard Muni: there is a group "impossible in RL"

 Edwound Wisent: if you just pop in on certain crouds unanounced.. no matter how well intentioned.. you may be marked as.. a griefer? or an intruder.

 JudyArx Scribe: thank-you


Adams Dubrovna: Vic, let me think about that


 Samuel Okelly: Without a particular belief in the faith system supported by any building, it is highly questionable as to whether it is possible to attain a true intended reflection and feel for the building.

 Edwound Wisent: ok. thank you,.

 Chimera Cosmos: http://npirl.blogspot.com I think


Adams Dubrovna: Since we approached the subject from an art hsitorical viewpoint, we looked for buildings that relate to RL


 Yichard Muni: Edwound, nearby all groups have a welcoming system for newbies, in order to learn the ways of the place

 Edwound Wisent: ha! yes. VERY spiritual mixed bag =npirl..


Adams Dubrovna: And when I looked at the spiritual aspects it was generally in an individual basis not group basis since these buildings are usually empty of people


 Cid Ducatillon: on SL.. could we mix creationism with evolution? and get aw ay with it?

 Archis Writer: I hope not

 Cid Ducatillon: o there are rules?

 Edwound Wisent: Cid.. I've seen a mix of far MORE than those two crowds.

 Edwound Wisent: NO rules in some places.. everyone mixing.

 Edwound Wisent: depends on many things.

 Yichard Muni: nearby all communities have rules

 Edwound Wisent: yichard..

 Yichard Muni: that depends on their intend

 Edwound Wisent: I stand for those that do not.

 Samuel Okelly: The viewer will bring a subjective relevance that renders the experience unique or distinct and significantly different to that which is experienced by the followers of the particular belief. They will always be “out of the loop” as it were

 Edwound Wisent: those that put up wioth other's rules when being watched..

 Yichard Muni: if you are in a naturist sim, nudity is mandatory. In other places, it is forbidden. That depends on the THEME of the group or place


Adams Dubrovna: I will say that when you visit the sites in our exhibit, you will n have to worry about acceptance


 Edwound Wisent: but silently go about thier native religious culture under the noses of the slave owners.

 JudyArx Scribe: it is interesting we have slipped back to the experience of and not the stones of architecture

 Edwound Wisent: you see? this DOES relaate to art history.

 Edwound Wisent: pagan masonry blended under monestary noses.

 Wol Euler: agreed, judy

 Yichard Muni: in SL the experience is more important than the engineering and shelter function, which are not relevant

 Samuel Okelly: because we do not necessarily share the RL experience of the people of that faith, surely we are ill-placed to make any comparison with SL beyond the subjective?

 Alfred Kelberry: alright, folks. i'm off for now. thanks for the meeting, adams.

 Vic Michalak: Good point JudyArx... a building is more than a collection of stones and other objects...

 JudyArx Scribe: Yichard i disagree:)

 Vic Michalak: Bye Alfred...

 JudyArx Scribe: i think while some of the primary responces seem to be about weather it might be about sensation of thermal difference

 Yichard Muni: although in SL we still have a sheltering function: keeping privacy

 JudyArx Scribe: and a human redaing of safety

 JudyArx Scribe: yes yichard

 JudyArx Scribe: and i am suprised how little physic is used because running past something about to fall is exillerating

 Vic Michalak: It does say something about us that we will pay money for an enclosed virtual space in SL when we do not HAVE to have one as an avatar..

 Yichard Muni: in most case the house is part of the soft roleplay: if we are a hobbit, we have a hobbit house

 JudyArx Scribe: so it becomes a badge to wear or wander from

 Yichard Muni: and those houses were primarily designed as shelters, in RL

 Gilles Kuhn: (will never paid for that vic btw)

 Archis Writer: but still have the feel of shelter

 Clare Carrasco: thank you adams for your speech. I hope to see everyone at the exhibit opening on friday!

 Archis Writer: like fires but... in the blazing sun

 Paula Dix: I woulld say buildings here are more for architets than for engineers :)

 Wol Euler: wil do Clare! take care

 Clare Carrasco: I must be going now. Good Bye!


Adams Dubrovna: Thank you Clare :)


 Cid Ducatillon: Paula..i have an engineer in my group

 genesis Zhangsun: Yes thanks Adams!

 Wol Euler applaues.

 Wol Euler: with a "d" even.





Adams Dubrovna: Thank you all for coming


 Solobill Laville claps

 Cid Ducatillon: still trying to find a need... shes into Civil Engineering

 Archis Writer: I think here just that instant reaction in the brain is what people are seeking

 Yichard Muni: but most of the time the function of a house is how we feel in


genesis Zhangsun: The event will take place at the Hall of Appearances http://slurl.com/secondlife/Rieul/137/239/70/.

genesis Zhangsun: tp points from here too :)


 Beragon Betts: interesting discussion but g2g bye everyone

 Vic Michalak: Thanks, Gen....

 JudyArx Scribe: ah where does time go even with extra days it slips by

 Yichard Muni: for instance I did a thatch house when our sims were covered with snow, when I used to make my events in the open. The house had warm lights from outside, while from inside the outside appeared blue and cold

 Paula Dix: Cid, Im saying its much more about the artistic side than the utilitary side.. engineers can do art also :))


genesis Zhangsun: If anyone is not part of the Kira Cafe group and would like to join to receive updates about our events please IM me and I will add you :)

genesis Zhangsun: thanks for coming everyone and hope to see you Friday 2/6 at 12pm SLT!

Vic Michalak: This discussion will be made available on the www.kira.org site shortly if you missed anything...


 Archis Writer: yes Yiachard that is what I mean

 genesis Zhangsun: thanks Vic!


Adams Dubrovna: Thank you Vic and Gen :)

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