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Starting from a scientific world view - we ask the question, what else is true
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Ways of Knowing Workshop Dialogues

“Ways of Knowing” is a theme central to the Kira Institute Philosophy.  "Our investigations emphasize an evaluation of the roots as opposed to the fruits of science and other ways of knowing" (from the Kira Mission).

Stim Morane and Pema Pera, the founders of the Kira Institute began this workshop series with a two part dialogue exploring the following:
1.empiricism and how this relates to the methodologies of science and contemplative practice.
2.the kinds of knowledge yielded by both endeavors.
3.how science and contemplative traditions may come to see each other in the near future.
The idea is that the dialogue should provoke group discussions which in turn may motivate and direct future Kira programs in SL. Following these two meetings, Stim Morane will offer further talks on traditional contemplative practice in the context of contemporary views of reality and ways of life. 


To see transcripts of the dialogues please see Workshop #2

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