ReLaM Workshop #1 2009.02.04 - The Kira Institute
Starting from a scientific world view - we ask the question, what else is true
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ReLaM Workshop #1 2009.02.04

Pema Pera: Let us all introduce ourselves

Pema Pera: in text here

So Kuu: We'll have a nice text log of it that way as well :)

Prospero Frobozz: well, we can do this asynchronously. I'm Rob Knop aka Prospero Frobozz, aka Prospero Linden. I'm the server release manager for Linden Lab, but I'm also a PhD physicist, and I taught astronomy and did astronomy research for amny years. I'm also an actor (mostly in-world right now, but I've done RL before), and a violinist/violist.

Pema Pera: I am an astrophysicist working at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, where I am also the head of the Program in Interdisciplinary Studies. I was one of the founders of the Kira Institute, 12 years ago, and a few months ago we moved into SL, here on the Kira Campus

Siddhartha Fonda: / I'm Sid and i'm a programmer for IBM but want to go back to school someday for astrophysics/astrobiology so i'm just trying to get some exposure as well as see if/where my coding skills could be utilized

Pema Pera: (let me plug Pros' "Science in Action" workshop, here in the Kira Cafe, every Monday at 2 pm! you can write short stage plays and perform them in a group, around science topics)

So Kuu: I'm Adam Johnson, COO of Genkii a tokyo based consulting and development company focused on VW applications. Also an Opensim Developer and have an interest in using VWs of all sorts for scientific visualizations and other cool stuff. :)

Troy McLuhan: I'm Troy McConaghy - Background in applied math, physics & astrodynamics (PhD). I do science-related projects online

Prospero Frobozz: Troy is the guy to talk to if you want to know what's going on science-related in world.

Curious George: I am George Djorgovski in RL, a prof at Caltech, and a co-Director of the Center for Advanced Computing Research. I am an astrophysicist by trade, but also very interested in the ways in which comp/IT is changing the ways we do science aand scholarship. I am the current Director of MICA,

Blogland Oh: I am Rob, I like to learn a lot, and I think this community initiative holds great learning protential for me and the global community it's a project I want to be part of. I know some C# and LSL and have been part of sl for a few years now. I aim to enhance all area's

Blogland Oh: I have been reading Pemas e-books written from 2003 to get more insight in the mission too

Caledonia Heron: I am Stephanie Smith, NASA Learning Technologies, interested in visual information systems for education, interoperability between VW for agency use, universal architectures of VWs

Pema Pera: (btw, if we continue from here on in text, I'd love to add the text chat log to the Kira web site -- if anybody has any objection (like wanting to have RL info removed), let me know)

Salamanca Congrejo: I'm Terry Hodgson aka Salamanca and am researching virtual world use for NASA - currently for educational purposes, but eventually who knows. I have a B.S. in Physics, but that's not worth spit anymore since I haven't used those skills for a long time. ;-)

Caledonia Heron: no objection

So Kuu: ok here

Salamanca Congrejo: And I work with Caledonia ;-)

Caledonia Heron: :)

Chillken Proto: I am Jeff Ames at Genkii in Tokyo, along with Adam, and an OpenSim developer. I'm interested in n-body simulations and collaborative visualization of data in general in virtual worlds.

Pema Pera: We don't have to make this a long meeting today, given that we have no starting topic -- but if anyone has some suggestions of how to use our time here, what to focus on, I'd love to hear ideas!

Prospero Frobozz: One thing I'd love to hear about in the coming weeks/months is the trends for virtual worlds, and interoperability, and how it might best work with the interests of this group

Blogland Oh: is this an overview of tomorrow's event? what are the restrictions of q&a?

Prospero Frobozz: That is -- the primary commercial interests for virtual worlds are not perfectly aligned with what we want

Prospero Frobozz: E.g., while we might really want to have (say) VNC-on-a-prim, that's not something that is necessarily going to be of the greatest interest to a company trying to attract the biggest market

Pema Pera: Blog, tomorrow's event is more specialized, focusing on N-body simulations

Pema Pera: both are weekly

Prospero Frobozz: (Not that Linden might not do that anyway -- honestly, I don't really know.)

Prospero Frobozz: Obviously, open source will make it possible for "fringe" elements to get more of what they want, *especially* if interoperability really works out

Prospero Frobozz: But I think it'd be worth hearing about trends of what's going on, how active folks are with interoperability, what ther eal promise of that is, etc.

Salamanca Congrejo: Maybe the mechanics of getting real world or simulation data into SL and other VW's - if everyone is not already up on that topic .

Troy McLuhan: SL has (had?) something called the Architecture Working Group and I never had time to get involved, so I don't know what the status is but would like updates if anyone has any

So Kuu: That will be a long discussion, but I'm also interested in diving into it.

Prospero Frobozz: Yes, that is still going -- although the term "OGP" is more associated with it nowadays

Pema Pera: great, Troy, could you contact someone from that group to invite them to give a short talk here?

Pema Pera: OGP?

Prospero Frobozz: Zha is actively involved in OGP, I believe.

Troy McLuhan: Ah good

Curious George: Piet et al., I am very glad that this group has started, and these are the kinds of ideas we should be discussing

So Kuu: OGP=Open Grid Protocol

So Kuu: They are doing things like TP from SL to Opensim in the beta grid

Curious George: I have to excuse myself for now, as I have a RL obligation, and then another SL meeting

Curious George: See you all next week!!

Pema Pera: sure, c u George!

Pema Pera: So, that already works, right?

Blogland Oh: good to see you george :) take care

Prospero Frobozz: Well, the TP from SL to OpenSim in the beta grid is very much in the demonstraion phase

Prospero Frobozz: E.g., you don't bring your inventory with you

Prospero Frobozz: There is also a protocol known as "Hypergrid" that lets you teleport between different OpenSim grids -- it's more functional, but it has not dealt with the whole property rights issues and such, which as you note are going to be thorny all aside from the technical issues

Blogland Oh: is this the end of voice?

Prospero Frobozz: ?

Pema Pera: (sorry, I have to leave now to grab some lunch before my next SL meeting in half an hour, at MICA; otherwise the dining hall here will be closed -- I will leave my avatar here to record the log, and I'll get the log up on the Kira web soon)

Pema Pera: (see y'all next week, if not earlier!)

Caledonia Heron: Troy ... you have this page re AWG, yes? not very up to date : ...

Blogland Oh: people using voice I mean, I was going to record the discussion on my oqo e2 however I was a bit late

Blogland Oh: definitely piet!

Troy McLuhan: Prospero do you know if there are any plans to have a built-in voice-recording (to local drive) feature in SL?

Prospero Frobozz: Troy : I haven't heard of any such thing, but that doesn't mean that somebody somewhere isn't thinking about it

So Kuu: That would be quite useful :)

Prospero Frobozz: LL has 300 people now, so there are things in development that I don't know about

Prospero Frobozz: Also, that would be a client-side feature, and I know less about the client than I do about the server

Prospero Frobozz: Well, it looks like the conversation has sort of petered out ;)

Prospero Frobozz: Does anybody else have any thoughts about specific things they'd like to see with this?

Caledonia Heron: :)

Blogland Oh: are you leading the event tomorrow Prospero?

Prospero Frobozz: Pema wil be the main one

So Kuu: It's a pretty big topic, so maybe it will be good just to explore some different areas and pick one to focus on from there.

Troy McLuhan: I look forward to the coming talks in future weeks but think I'll go now

Blogland Oh: take care Troy good to see you again

Salamanca Congrejo: Yep, got another meeting myself...

Caledonia Heron: yes, meeting here also :)

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